15 Oct

Professional accreditation from ICAEW (The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) is a benefit that many students can use in order to be a potential best professional in the field.

Every academic year the students of the MIFA programme have a unique chance to meet and speak to the representative from ICAEW: Mrs. Joanna Szychowska Business Development Manager, Central and Eastern Europe. Joanna comes and not only presents the great advantages of the accreditation, but as well she speaks to the students individually and show them their best approach towards their career.

The MIFA programme has its accreditation since 2015 and is very proud to be the only programme in Central Europe to offer not only 5 out of 6 exemptions from the certificate level but also one from the professional level (Financial Management). This shows the exceptional quality of the MIFA programme also in the means of real life professions which bring one of a kind opportunities to the students.