Entrance Exam

Once the applicant submits the application documents , he/she will receive the Entrance Exam materials via email.

Entrance exam consists of 2 steps. In the 1st step you will write a study on a given topic. The 2nd step is a personal interview or on-line interview via web cam in case the applicant is not present in Prague.

1st step: Study on a given topic

  1. You will be asked to write a study on a given topic from finance, accounting and economics. Topics for entrance exams are available here bellow.
  2. Timing: 4.- 15. 5 2020. On May 4th you receive to your e-mail address the assignment of the study and detailed instructions. You will be expected to return the study by the latest on 15th May’s midnight, by e-mail to the official email address of MIFA: mifa@vse.cz

2nd step: Entrance Exam – personal interview or on-line interview via web cam

  1. In order to save travel and other expenses, applicants can do their entrance exam via web cam.
  2. You will be invited for the second step via email after you submit your answers from the 1st step.
  3. Personal interview and on-line interview timing: 21.-25.5. 2020. Successful applicants receive an invitation via email.
  4. On-line or personal interview in English will be focused on the study submitted by the applicants.

 Results of the entrance exam will be available 1stJune 2020.