Student Mode

VŠE can offer a service via Student Mode to students who have been officially accepted for studies at our university. The Student Mode can include newly accepted international students who require a student visa / long-term residence permit for study purposes in the Czech Republic. Students who fulfil the criteria and are successfully nominated receive priority access for submission of an application and interviews at the Czech Embassy in the country where they are applying for a long-term student visa / long-term permit. A student nominated for the Student Mode does not need to register for an interview – the Czech Embassy will contact him/her and receive a fixed interview date. The Student Mode only offers its services for diligent and motivated students.

Important note: A nomination for the Student Mode is by no means a guarantee that the student will receive a student visa. The Student Mode is only a fast track for interviews.

Applicants for the Student Mode must be recommended by a relevant Programme coordinator at VSE. There is an internal process of nomination to the Student Mode. Only responsible persons of VŠE can submit nominations for the Student Mode to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport.

More information about the Student Mode