1. The applicant will be notified regarding the decision via email and our application platform. The decision is made by the official examination committee by awarding the applicant points from the written and oral parts of the entrance exam. The maximum number of points to collect is 100, and the minimum to be accepted by MIFA is 60. The applicant is informed about the points awarded. The committee has the full right to make the decision to award the points and is not obliged to explain the applicant’s reasons for the awarded points. (If you are in your last year of the Bachelor’s programme and get admitted to the MIFA master programme at the Faculty of Finance and Accounting, you will receive a conditional admission. You have to graduate with your Bachelor’s degree by the start of the MSc programme at the Faculty of Finance and Accounting.)
  2. Students applying for student VISA will be further contacted by the programme coordinator and will receive all the necessary documents for the application process.
  3. Admitted students will be further informed about the next steps by the programme coordinator individually, especially in regards to housing, Buddy System, Orientation week, etc.
  4. Admitted students will be registered for the first semester during the Orientation week after the Matriculation Ceremony.


The Prague University of Economics and Business reserves the right not to register the accepted student to study MIFA in case the student does not meet the required steps the student is informed about.