Housing is organized by each student by him/her -self by contacting directly the dormitory department. 

VŠE offers a university dormitory that are available for Czech as well as for the international students. The dormitory is located at the location of Prague: Jarov, which is 15-20 minutes far by tram from the University campus.

International students are most commonly accommodated at two blocks:  Jarov I. or Jarov II.

For the information for the dormitory please visit this page here.

You can apply in advance only. The communication is proceed with the Dormitory management.

The programme coordinator submits  names and contact email address to the dormitory department, so as the student will organize housing, he/she will already be registered in the housing department. The housing department will continue is communicating with the student separately to sort out all the necessary details. 

All information on the housing possibilities such as single-double rooms, address, rental period, access … etc., are available on the official housing web site of the University dormitories: http://accommodation.vse.cz/