VŠE Dormitories

Housing is organized by each student by him/her-self by contacting directly the dormitory department. 

The Jarov dormitory is available for international students (and Czech students) – approximately 15 minutes from the university (by tram).

International students are most commonly accommodated at the Palachova dormitory and Jarov II  (5 Minutes away from the Palachova dormitory)

You can apply in advance only.  Applications will be open from 6th June to 7th July. To finish the application, it is necessary to pay a deposit of 8.000 CZK (320 EUR).  Then, the communication proceeds with the Dormitory management. Click here to apply for the dormitory accommodation!

Moving into rooms is usually possible from 6th  September.

All information on the housing possibilities, such as single-double rooms, address, rental period, access … etc., are available on the official housing website of the University dormitories: http://accommodation.vse.cz/