Course Registration

Course pre-registration for the Winter Semester 2024/25  will take place from 17th June to 27th  August 2024. Students must register for all the classes they want to study during this time.

The registration of courses at VŠE has to be effected through the university information system InSISNo other option!!!

It consists of 3 stages:

The pre-registration: it serves to collect the interests of students in courses. If you are not interested in the course, you cannot register it after the pre-registration is closed (only if there are remaining free places in the “Enrolment stage”).

Through pre-registration, students show interest in the courses they wish to study. A student must pre-register for courses she/he would like to take. It is also possible to pre-register for a course for which the system shows “there is no free capacity anymore”. Since the pre-registration is a system of orders, there is no time competition among the students, and there is no first come, first served basis – you can pre-register for the courses on the last day. It will not impact the fact if you are included as a participant.

Automated registration is a process where the student is not involved.

Each course has its capacity. In the pre-registration phase, all students select their desired courses and their planned schedules. Then, the automated registration takes place and compares the students’ demand and the capacity of the course and selects the students (based on several criteria) that will be registered.

You can delete courses after the automated registration, BUT you cannot end up with fewer credits than the system put through the automated registration  e.g. you registered for courses of a total amount of 30 ECTS; after the automated registration, you have 28 ECTS. So that is the minimum you have to study during the semester. You can add courses and delete others, but you still have to have 28 ECTS as a minimum.
During this time, registration for courses is not open.

Enrolment is a stage after automated registration where students can only enroll in courses with free spots.

This stage is based on time competition, first come, first served! The free places are visible in brackets. Students can see whether she/he was enrolled once she/he entered the enrolment. If the student is not enrolled automatically, she/he needs to be fast and compete with the others for free places.

Registrations for Summer Semester 2023/24 – DATES

Pre-registration of courses 2 January – 23 January 2024
Automated registration – the system is closed for changes 29 January 2024
1st round of registration(core courses) 30-31 January 2024
2nd round of registration(elective courses) 2-3 February 2024
3rd round of registration(both – core + elective courses) 6-7  February 2024
Drop/Add period 12-16 February 2024
Summer semester classes start 12 February 2024