Recognition of foreign diploma

How to prove the bachelor’s degree:

  • Graduates of Czech and Slovak universities provide a legalized (notarized) copy of their university diploma,
  • Graduate of SlovenianPolish and Hungarian universities provide a legalized (notarized) copy of their university diploma
  • Graduates of other universities provide a legalized (notarized) copy of their University Diploma and a Diploma Supplement (transcript) and apply for the recognition of their previous university degree.

For further information about the process of recognition, please click here.

To register for approval of your foreign diploma, please follow the link:

(The resolution of the recognition procedure should be a part of the documents attached to the application to the master programme. The students are obliged to apply for the process of recognition once the diploma is received. In case the student graduates after the entrance exam to the MIFA programme, the student applies for the recognition as soon as possible, however, no later than the registration to study the programme. The programme reserves the right to change the student status to a temporary student status in case this obligation is not met by the student, by which the student loses the possibility of obtaining the Master’s diploma.)

In case a bachelor’s degree will be achieved in the academic year in which the student applies for the programme an applicant is requested to attach to the application documents a confirmation of study and a temporary transcript of records. The bachelor’s degree should be completed, at the latest, by the date of the admission exam. Students accepted into the programme, but have not yet finished their bachelor’s study by the date of the admission exam, must do so by the end of August of the year; these students must provide all documents by the first day of the winter semester, at the latest.