Application Deadline 30/4/2022! Apply now!

30 Apr

Do not miss the application deadline due 30. 4. 2022!

Apply now and become a student of the prestigious Master programme in Finance and Accounting!

Study the MIFA programme in a form of the study block system, the most efficient way of study, which is widely recognized and implemented at the best European Universities. Become a member of a study group of international students from various countries and experience student life in Prague.

The programme provides our students with theoretical background as well as practical skills in a form of projects, case studies, and voluntary Internship abroad for ECTS. Students may apply for Double Degree programmes or study abroad with Erasmus+ programme. MIFA students may apply for exemption from several exams (papers) with ACCA, upon successful completion of accredited mandatory courses. Moreover, MIFA students may receive up to 8 exemptions from exams (papers) provided by ICAEW.

File your e-application here! To complete the e-application successfully you must fill the following sections (confirmation circles must turn green): Personal data, Applicant’s addresses, Payment, Additional information, and upload your CV in English and a Copy of Passport (section Documents).

Good luck with the Entrance Exams!

Note: InSIS system and e-applications will be shutdown for maintenance from 13. 4. until 15. 4.! The services will be temporarily unavailable. Thank you for understanding.