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12.2.2018 - 31.8.2018 - Summer Semester

11.6.2018 - 28.8.2018 - Registration for courses

1.7.2018 - 31.8.2018 - summer holidays

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Orientation Week

11.9.2017 15.9.2017

MONDAY - First day is considered as the most important day for all the international incoming students. It is known as a Registration Day, students are asked to come to the University with their Buddy to register to the given study programme and to the student organization ESN Buddy System and pick up important documents as well as University ID card.

TUESDAY - Second day contains lectures about InSIS (Students Information System), ESN Buddy System – a students’ organization together with Cultural Shock and Czech History. In the afternoon students are invited to the official Welcome Ceremony where they are welcomed by the Rector of the University and the refreshment is prepared for them. Moreover, you can accept an invitation to the party organized by Buddy System Student in the evening.

WEDNESDAY - Third day is devoted to the special university Team Game played together with Czech Buddies within the University campus. The game helps the students to explore the campus and get familiar with the Czech culture, history and habits.

THURSDAY - matriculation ceremony is an official University occasion where the students promise their vows towards their studies at the University. This ceremony is a special event that has its roots in history and it is an important occasion for both the student and the academic staff.During the Matriculation the student is officially becoming a student of the University of Economics. Therefore students accepted into the programme have to personally participate in the matriculation process. It will take place on 14th September 2017.

Rest of the week is directed by Buddy System Student Organization which offers many trips and cultural events so that students can get to know each other and have some fun.


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