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12.2.2018 - 31.8.2018 - Summer Semester

11.6.2018 - 28.8.2018 - Registration for courses

1.7.2018 - 31.8.2018 - summer holidays

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Erasmus and Internship

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Useful information

The third semester provides MIFA students a chance to:

The students are informed during their second semester with the so called "Erasmus presentation meeting" during which all the necessary details are discussed. Bellow however you may find needed steps and deadlines in case the presentation is missed.

note: every student regardless of his/her choice must pass the course Project for 6 ECTS. This course is available in both the present or online form therefore the student can proceed in either case.


Mobility, Erasmus+

It is necessary to meet all administrative requirements connected with the study abroad period:

  • Administration before the mobility
  • Administration after the mobility
  • Financial grants
  • Contact persons
  • Accomodation, insurance and visa
    • Please note that not all partner schools are able to provide on campus accommodation to international students. Nevertheless all partners provide international students help in accommodation matters.Even if you are a European Health Insurance Card holder, it is still recommended to buy a commercial travel insurance policy.You might need visa if you are from a non-EU country.
  • Cancellation of stay abroad
    • Let us know as soon as possible if you cannot participate in the Exchange programme so that we can offer the spot to some other student. Your coordinator will inform the partner university about your cancellation and will send you a form which has to be given back to OZS confirmed from vice-dean for international relations at your faculty due to stated date.

  • Documents for outgoing students - Learning Agreement



The process of the MIFA internship is on the individual basis. Students find their Internship individually and may receive the support of the Faculty of Finance and Accounting by receiving a recommendation letter. The internship must be at least 3 months long in order to receive the 24 ECTS credits and it cannot be in the Czech republic neither in the home town of the student. In order to receive the Erasmus grant, the internship must be held in member states of EU.

These are the following steps the student must proceed in order to fully register for the Internship programme:

  1. contact the MIFA coordinator with the choice
  2. start looking for the internship
  3. Before leaving provide us with:
    1. fill out the Learning Agreement before mobility and submit it to the MIFA coordinator - Learning agreement_traineeships.docx-1
    2. sign the Grant Agreement you receive from the MIFA coordinator (must be done before leaving)
    3. insurance confirmation (health, accident and liability insurance) in case the company does not provide the insurance during the Internship programme (must be done before leaving)
    4. bank account number to which the grant will be sent, please note that it must be a Czech account (link must be downloaded): - bank account registration -
  4. when returning the student must submit:
    1. Learning Agreement during and after mobility
    2. Report on Internship_1FU593